About US

 Alborz Science and Knowledge Explorers (KAVOSHEC) was established in 2015 with university experts who have years of experience in publishing books and magazines. The aim of this journal is to become one of the leading scientific publishers in the world. KAVOSHEC is a multidisciplinary, open access science publisher focusing on scientific and technical knowledge. There is a tendency to select pioneering research based on modernism, talent, scientific implication, the interests of future viewers, and so on. In addition, it seeks to provide opportunities to support researchers' new and valuable ideas. There are currently more than 60 world-renowned editorial staff with 1,000 published articles in our box. The members of this collection include the world's top scientists who are members of the top one percent of the world's scientists and influential people in the science of history. Our publishing maintains a fair review system alongside quality control at every stage of the publishing process.